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The competition was going great and the other rovers were doing a great job of finding rocks, then out of nowhere…THUNDER CLOUDS!!

I had to quickly hide under a tarp because I’m scared of getting wet! Fortunately, I stayed dry but Caltech’s rover had to be stopped in the middle of their run. They’ll probably start before me tomorrow 😦

It’s Ok though. I just might not get out on the field till a little after the scheduled time. Hopefully, I won’t start too long after 8:30 am Houston time (9:30 am Maryland time)!


We finally know when exactly I am going to participate. The order of participation was decided in order of weight. The lightest rover goes in last and the heaviest first. I was the 5th heaviest rover so I will be first on Friday!!

The scheduled time on Friday is

8:30 am – Houston time

9:30 am – Maryland time

15:30 – European time

To see the full schedule and the video feeds from our team and every other team in the competition click the following link:

Hi everybody!

Finally at Houston, we have been practicing as much as we could during the day of today and we picked-up some rocks successfully! 🙂

All cameras work perfectly and I can say every system is working just as it was designed to work. I am very happy because these awesome students have done a great job with me.

Here you can see a screenshot from one of our cameras during the practice session we had today,

This cliff is the starting and finishing point. You can also see my designers leading me to the summit of Mount Cosmos!


Last Adjustments !!

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During this last week I’ve been receiving a lot of surgery and the students from Maryland have spent a lot of time making sure everything worked as it was supposed to be!

We have also spent some time practicing for the competition and packing everything up to travel to Houston, TX.

I hope we have a nice trip, I can’t wait to be at Johnson Space Center!!!!!