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Today at our little get together they decided whose going to go down!  The choices are:

Walter –  He worked on structures and electronics!

Josh – He gave me the ability to use my arms so I can pick stuff up!

Mike – He’s the one whose going to let me communicate with all the guys back at Maryland when I’m down in Houston.

All I can say is that I’m really excited.  The event is almost a month and a half from now!  We’re going to go down and win this thing…

I’ll talk to you later!

To infinity… and beyond!

Ros.E the Rover!


So as I mentioned earlier 😉 I think the guys at the SSL are getting me a new arm!  It’s kind of like a crab claw, but it’s going to be awesome!

OH and I’m going to get new organs!  They’re already doing surgery so I’m finally going to function again!!!

Woo HOOO!!!!

Anyway, see you soon!!!

Live long and Prosper!!